Miracle Medical Facebook Image Showcase #1

Our Facebook page is home to many of our beautiful and relevant content that we share with our followers. We’ve selected some of our modified images from our Facebook page that we feel presents a good snapshot of what we believe resonates with all of our followers, customers, and blog readers.

We want you to positively benefit from us, and to that end, we will look at any method that will allow us to do more of that.

We also wanted to give some elaboration on the questions and statements contained within the images.


For our Facebook followers, we know that munching on healthy snacks tends to be easier said than done, but we also know that a little gentle nudge of yummy sounding encouragement can go a long way. Cut back on the skittles and don’t be afraid of berries!


We want to keep reiterating the importance of daily physical activity to our followers, because it’s by far the easiest and less costly exercise that can be done by those with functional legs. We know that our followers have a direct line towards us and we can assist them if they have difficulty walking. We have no shortage of crutches!


Like with raspberries, we want to encourage management of chronic illnesses with fruits. Vitamin C is important for everyone. Lack of vitamin C can lead to painful things like scurvy. No one except pirates should suffer from scurvy!


Our followers tend to be from South Texas, where there’s no scarcity of generous portion sizes, so our reminder of the importance of moderate eating practices is very much appropriate.


South Texas has an abundance of large food portions and sweets, so limiting them when you have a chronic illness is advisable. We know that it doesn’t mean you have to cut sweets or comfort foods out of your life completely by any means, but we do ask that you scale it back.


Our durable medical equipment is vital to our social media followers and customer base, but we also encourage positive eating habits, so this image works as a friendly bit of advice for the new year.


We want our followers to be in a good, peaceful state of mind as they go about their lives while they also fight against their chronic illnesses with our durable medical equipment. We believe that our followers should have a positive relationship with their mental health, much like how we’ve focused on fostering good relationships with our customers and social media followers.

More showcases will come in the future. Until then, be safe and health-minded.

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