Instagram Image Showcase #6

Fall is a quiet time of the year when the leaves fall in droves, and the weather starts to cool (although, if you live in states like Texas or Arizona, the difference might not be as stark as you’d hope.).What makes this time of year so special is that it is often very photogenic, like winter. It’s a joy to take pictures of a mass of trees surrounded by orange leaves or to look at those same pictures years later and have warm memories of that time.

You might be spending any spare time right now looking at fall themed pictures. We think that’s great, but we’d also like you to take a look at the unique images we post onto our Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as whenever we feature them here.

We think that you would get the most joy about reading articles in this series because of our explanations behind the creation of our images. You can read and enjoy the articles at any time of year.

1. The Possibility of Remission

The creation of this particular image came from a news article we read about how as many as 1 in 20 people can send their diabetes into remission through proper lifestyle changes. We thought the news was positive and inspiring and went to work crafting an image based on the story as soon as possible.

We chose a glucometer since the idea behind the message was based on medicine, and many people use their glucometers with the hope that their blood sugar levels aren’t too high.

We thought that it made sense to tie that hope into the fact about the chances of people with diabetes going into remission.

We appreciate the simplicity of the hand holding up the glucometer and think that the text’s placement works quite well.

2. The Benefits of Pistachios

We knew that we wanted to make an image about snack foods for people with diabetes and did research on the different kinds. We settled on pistachios as the theme of our image based on their visual appeal, as well as our own appreciation for their taste.

We really liked this image, which is a close-up of a pistachio cluster, which is busy but not too much and has the dual benefit of giving an appetizing look at the snack.

The white text does an especially good job in complementing the image and is perhaps the best image on this list that does this.

3. Children and Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

We read a news article on the topic of type 1 diabetes in children and were so saddened by what we read that we felt it necessary to make an image for our followers about it.

This makes this image different from the previous one about remission since that one was based more around optimism, whereas this one came from a place of genuine concern for children with undiagnosed type 1 diabetes and their parents.

We gave ourselves some time to dwell on what would be an appropriate image for such a serious topic. We knew that we wanted to feature children in some way, but not in a way that would be too disturbing or inappropriately cute.

In the end, we chose this calm and pleasant image of two young boys kneeling to feel the water and placed the text, which conveyed the serious message, over it.

We think we did a good job threading the needle of being an effective warning and an evocative image that wasn’t too strange or cutesy.


So, we hope that this article was worth the read. As we head into winter, we hope that you reach back to this article and the ones in the series before it, like you do to pictures of the fall season.

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