How to Protect Yourself from Allergies

Most people can tell you a handful of times about when they caught a case of the sniffles during their childhood or adolescence. There’s a smaller, but not insignificant percentage of people who were especially susceptible to bacteria for one reason or another. This smaller group might have an especially cautious approach to allergy season – where they can be at their most vulnerable for an uncomfortable period of weeks or even months.

Even if you don’t have any particular sensitivities to allergens compared to others you know, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself. As a matter of fact, avoiding these practices will only hurt you in the long run. No one is invincible, after all. We can start our list of allergy prevention with the most basic, and yet nonetheless vital practice: shielding your mouth.

1. Cover Your Mouth

It doesn’t matter if it’s rain, sleek, snow, because all matter of potential allergens can enter your mouth at any moment, even if it’s not open. Your mouths susepctibilty to aborsb any kind of inflammatory or hazardous matter is why it’s common practice to wear a mouth guard during a quarintine.

Even if you aren’t in the midst of an extreme situation such as an outbreak, you can keep in mind that covering your mouth with either your hands or a sterile cloth is an intelligent practice to keep.

2. Wash Your Hands

While you can cover your mouth with your hands in order to protect them, it’s also a good idea to make sure that your hands are clean as well – otherwise, they’re an ineffective defense. The reminder to wash your hands is one that’s hammered into people early into their childhood (and for that matter, so is cover your mouth), and for good reason: it’s one of the surest ways to maintain good hygiene.

Please, whenever you feel that your hands might be dirty in some way, or contaminated with allergens, wash them thoroughly under hot water with soap.

3. Check The Ingredients

Yes, you can have your allergies triggered by foods that you consume. Some allergic reactions to food can be pretty severe, enough to put you at the risk of death.

If you want to be certain that your allergies aren’t accidently triggered, it’s best to read or look up the ingredients of certain foods that you are considering to eat.


Allergy season doesn’t have to defeat you! Keep these practices in mind, and you can skate by this problematic time without much issue.

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