How to Properly Prevent Wound Infections

It can get really rough out there in the real world. We aren’t just talking about the concerns of finances and jobs or schoolwork, but also when you receive an injury. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, whether you’re at the top of the top or among the lowest of the low in terms of physical stamina, because you will get a wound at some point. The degree of severity of your potential wound can vary wildly, from a small paper cut to a full-blown fractured leg. Thankfully, due to wonderful advances in wound care management, it’s entirely possible to heal from most types of physical trauma.

But, healing from a wound isn’t as simple as you would want it to be. You still need to make sure that you properly prepare your wound, otherwise you’re opening yourself up for a world of hurt in the future. We do mean this literally, because an infected wound is no laughing matter – and it can potentially be life threatening.

To aid you in the healing process, we’ve compiled a small list of steps that you can take.

1. Use Appropriate Disinfectant

After you create an opening to the inside of your body, that makes it primed to be infected by all sorts of nasty bacteria. Bacteria can really infect not just the flesh, but also potentially work its way down towards the bone. If you don’t make sure that your wound is protected against bacteria, then, at worse, you’re putting yourself at risk of further pain, or amputations, or even death!

If you use appropriate disinfectant, then you’re making a great first step on the walk towards a full recovery. We ask that you look into a variety of reliable brands of disinfectant to keep within your home.

2. Use a Good Band Aid

If applying disinfectant to a wound is a good first step, then what is the logical next step? It’s simple: you use a good band aid that’s appropriate to the size of the injury.

You’re body needs time to heal the injury, and if you use a band aid after applying disinfectant, then that should make healing a quicker process.

3. Do Not Poke At or Prod the Injured Area

You might have heard someone tell you, “If you poke at it, it will never heal.” That saying is absolutely true, because your body can’t heal if the wound is exposed to potential bacteria.

Leave the band-aid covered wound alone, and you won’t regret it down the line.


We hope that this small list was of some use for you. Don’t let a small injury become a big pain.

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