3 Ways to Have a Healthy Hormone Balance

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In the broader conversation that our culture has about effective methods for maintaining good health and losing weight, the subject of hormones doesn’t come up a lot. Sure, if you look online, you’ll be met with a cornucopia of articles about diabetes, nutrition and muscle gain.

There’s just a wide breadth of fairly common health topics, but people tend to forget the importance of having a good hormonal balance. Hormones shouldn’t be neglected because they are a vital component in maintaining weight, mood, and sleep.

Hormones are sent out to different parts of the body by the endocrine system to ensure that they work properly. If you have a bad hormonal balance, you could suffer weight gain, acne, irritable moods, poor appetite, and other symptoms. Those types of problems aren’t anything anyone wants or needs.

This article can give you some good pointers on how to make sure your hormones are exactly where they should be.

1. Eat Foods With High Omega-3 Levels

Omega-3’s are excellent at creating fuel for the brain and decreasing inflammation in disparate parts of the body. If you have an active mind, then you won’t be foggy, irritable, or suffer from potential sleep deprivation. If you have inflammation, you start feeling aches and pains in different parts of your body, and it often stems from hormonal issues.

If you eat foods such as salmon, which is particularly high in Omega-3, then you’re enjoying a tasty food that is doing your body a huge favor.

2. Get a Lot of Quality Sleep

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Sleep deprivation in particular can do a number on your hormone balance. If your body lacks adequate rest, then your body will start to suffer along with your mind. This is due to your endocrine system being affected by the lack of rest, which can cause problems to the hormones that it sends out, much like a car that has an engine that won’t turn off.

You don’t want to end up burning out, so it’s advisable that you keep a close eye on your sleep patterns.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

This tip is one of the most important ones. Simply put, our bodies need to be adequetly hydrated in order for us to function as best we can. If we go for long enough periods of time without water, we’ll eventually dehydrate enough that our body starts to shut down. That obviously doesn’t spell good things for our hormones.

Remember to drink plenty of water for the sake of your hormonal and overall health.


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We hope that this article inspired you to be more conscious of your hormones.

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