3 Ways Diabetes Can Affect Your Mouth

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There are a lot of bad things about being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. You can’t eat the way you used to, your energy levels start to fall down, and you are a higher risk for heart disease, strokes, even blindness. You have to deal with the social stigma of being perceived as “allowing” yourself to get diabetes as a result of your lifestyle choices – even when you were diagnosed while living a healthy life. Nowadays, due to huge leaps in heath care technology, it’s never been easier to receive treatment. Now, it’s possible to reverse your type-2 diabetes entirely. However, many people who undergo their journey to reverse their condition still have to contend with unpleasant side effects and the lifestyle adjustments that happen as a result.

We created this article to showcase the ways that type-2 diabetes has adverse effects on people’s mouths. Mouth pain is one the most stressful types because of how important our oral health is to living a normal life.

1. Your Teeth Will Fall Out

Type two diabetes can do a number on your gums, and their teeth by extension. This can get compounded by the fact that many people with type-2 diabetes have diets high in foods that irritate or damage teeth. Diabetes can result in dental damage severe enough that your gums bleed and teeth start to fall out.

This can happen to anyone with type-2 diabetes, but it’s most common in elderly people.

2. Your Mouth Will Feel Like It’s Burning

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If your gums are bleeding and your teeth are starting to drop like flies, then you are not a happy camper. Well, prepare for even more unhappiness, because your mouth will start to feel like it’s on fire.

Diabetes can damage the nerve endings in your mouth, triggering pain that feels similar to when you eat a jalapeno.

3. Your Mouth Will Feel Very Dry

When your mouth feels like it’s burning, it hurts very badly. When your mouth is very dry, it doesn’t hurt quite as much, but it can still feel grating after awhile.

No one wants to feel like they are parched and need a big gulp of water every ten minutes, but that is how type-2 diabetes can make you feel.


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If you want your mouth to be healthy, please do whatever you can to either lower your risk of diabetes, or work to mitigate its side effects if you have it.

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